Terms of Service

The following terms and conditions will bind any client using our hotel services.
    Guests who stay at our hotel and use our services will be subject to this terms of service.
    • All guests are required to show their passport or identification card and fill personal information prior to check-in.
    • The hotel shall charge a payment of the guest’s entire stay, prior to check-in.
    • Guests shall pay bills whenever the Front Cashier presents a    bill while guest is staying at theHotel. All bills are due upon such     presentation
    • When the guest wishes to change the number of days of accommodation required, he should contact the front desk before 11:00     AM. In the case of extensions, the hotel shall ask the guest to pay the bill covering the date of extension.
    • Guests are not allowed to smoke OR chew in the room or any other place in the hotel or building. If guests smoke/chew in the      room or any part of hotel they will be subject to a charge of $50.
    • Use of any kind of illegal drugs and alcohol drinks are not allowed in the guest room or any other part of the hotel.
    • Unmarried couples are not allowed to share a room.
    • Guests are to refrain from inviting outside visitors to their room, other than those registered in that room.
    • Making loud noises, singing loudly or noisy activities which cause annoyance to other guest are strictly prohibited.
    • Guests are to refrain using the room for purposes other than accommodation purposes
    • Guests will be charged for any damage, breakage and loss to the hotel’s property caused by them or their guests.
    • Lost or damage to TV/AC remotes and Electronic cards are subject to $30 charge.
    • Using any kind of hair or body coloring that can stain the bed sheets and towels are not allowed and are subject to charge of $50. 
    • Guests should leave money and valuables in safe deposits boxes in their room or at the front desk. The hotel shall not be liable for the loss or theft of money or valuables not deposited with the front desk.
    • The hotel shall keep articles left on the premises of the hotel for a period of three months only, and then they are handled in      accordance with the lost Goods policy of the hotel.
    • Minors are prohibited to stay at the Hotel without their guardians and minors are not allowed to be left in the room alone.
    • Guest rooms shall be cleaned in every day bases. No guest shall refuse a service for two consecutive days or more.
    • Guests are prohibited from ordering meals and drinks from outside the Hotel.
    • Rules regarding equipment and fixtures on the premises are as follows:
         Refrain from using equipment or fixtures for purposes other than those intended.
         Please do not take equipment and fixtures out of the Hotel.
         Removal or alteration of equipment or fixtures is prohibited.
    Ali Jirde Hotel COVID Protocols instructions
    For ALI JIRDE HOTEL the safety of all our customers and staff is our top priority. For this reason, we have deployed a strict anti-Covid protocols.
    Room keys are disinfected daily.
    The number of cleanings in the common areas has increased.
    Please note that cleaning of rooms with guests inside is not allowed.
    The surfaces of the rooms are cleaned with specific disinfectants.
    The room ventilation is maximized.
    Breakfast is served in the apartment and is prepared according to a hygienic protocol.
    All customers and staff are required to respect the minimum safety distance, marked at 2 meters.
    All these sanitary measures and recommendations are applied to ensure a pleasant and safe stay. We are convinced that our service will live up to your expectations. We are waiting for you.
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